X-ray Source Products Haozhi Imaging Launches Multiple Carbon Nanotube Cold Cathode X-ray Source Products

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On March 30, Haozhi Imaging held its annual new product launch event with the theme of “Imaging the Future”. Five innovative new carbon nanotube cold cathode microfocus X-ray source products were released.

(Bild: Haozhi Imaging Technology Co., Ltd. )

As the last line of defense in industrial production, X-rays are applied in industrial nondestructive tests including internal flaw detection in products such as chips, batteries, PCBAs, components, automobile accessories and aluminum alloy castings. The quality parameters are strictly monitored according to the quality requirements of the target products to ensure high reliability, enhance the company’s production efficiency and pass rate, and add more value.

Carbon nanotube X-rays, considered a revolutionary new X-ray source, have been developed over the past decade. Current X-ray sources are mainly based on hot cathode technology, with problems such as slow startup, high ineffective radiation dosage, and excessive power consumption. In contrast, the photon efficiency of carbon nanotube cold cathode X-ray sources is much higher, with advantages such as controllable emissions, ultra-high temporal-spatial resolution, and low energy consumption, heralding a revolutionary breakthrough in CT device technology.

Product launch event
Product launch event
(Bild: Haozhi Imaging Technology Co., Ltd. )

We have made innovative use of carbon nanotube field emission cold cathodes and released five microfocus X-ray sources with working voltages of 90kV, 110kV, 130kV, 150kV and 165kV. These products break through the technical bottlenecks of traditional hot cathode X-ray CT tubes, and realize functions such as cold start, pulse emission and high-speed imaging, boasting advantages such as low power consumption and low radiation dosage. For CT applications, they effectively eliminate the problems that occur after image reconstruction on traditional CT scanners such as motion blurring and artifacts, achieve higher image resolution, improve the precision of internal structure analysis and full-range dimension measurement, and meet the diverse application requirements of highly accurate nondestructive testing. They can be widely applied in X-ray imaging devices such as X-rays, industrial CT scans, and security checks. In the future, they will be expanded to fields such as medical DR and CT scanners.

Mr. Chen Zexiang, Vice Chairman of Haozhi Imaging, introduces the products
Mr. Chen Zexiang, Vice Chairman of Haozhi Imaging, introduces the products
(Bild: Haozhi Imaging Technology Co., Ltd. )

These technologies are the result of 17 years of the scientific research conducted by the team led by Chen Zexiang, a professor with the School of Optoelectronic Science and Engineering, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, and Vice Chair of Haozhi Imaging.

The team has achieved breakthroughs in high current density carbon nanotube cold cathode preparation, strong-convergence cold cathode electronic optics systems, and cold cathode X-ray source design. Based on these core components and production to develop carbon nanotube cold cathode microfocus X-ray sources and CT scanners. Their commercialization will usher in a new era of low-radiation, high-accuracy and fast X-ray imaging.

A microfocus CT dev ice based on a carbon nanotube cold cathode microfocus X-ray source, which can be widely used for highly accurate real-time analysis in fields such as core precision parts and components, chips, materials, MEMS, 3D printing, and biomedicine was also launched at the event.

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The device has been customized with innovative functions to analyze the internal structure of lithium batteries and packs, such as the alignment degree of folding or coiling, internal structure of the tabs and the coating of anode and cathode and shell wall (spacing, contact distance, and tab bending, etc.). It can create cross-sectional and 3D images with a higher resolution to reveal internal flaws in lithium batteries to ensure their quality.

Haozhi Imaging is a carbon nanotube cold cathode X-ray source company devoted to R&D and application of next-generation carbon nanotube cold cathode X-ray imaging technology.


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