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Market trend
What is digital twin technology?
Digital twin technology enables to reduce downtime and improve productivity on the shop floor. Industry experts predict that with the emergence of IoT and big data analytics in smart factories, there will be a growing demand for this new innovation in the near future. more
Contemporary innovations
Applications of digital twin technology
Digital twin is rapidly being explored across three core industries – aerospace, manufacturing and healthcare. The numerous plus points of this technology have increased its popularity in a world which is observing the many dimensions of artificial intelligence in all walks of life. more
Market report
Growth of the digital twin market
The digital twin technology is being incorporated across diverse industries however; it is the healthcare sector that is expected to be the fastest growing industry for this innovative concept. On a global scale, North America is considered to be a major market for this technology while the APAC region is claimed to be the fastest growing market. more


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The world of metalworking will meet again in Hanover from 16 to 21 September. With our exhibitors directory you can already filter more than 2,200 exhibitors by name, country of origin and product focus. As the world’s premier metalworking trade fair, EMO Hannover is the perfect supplement for everyone interested in light metal casting! Read more
The Journal EMO
On 16th to 21st September it is all ready to go: the exhibition area in Hannover will again be hosting the world of metal processing. At the EMO Hannover, market leaders from all fields of technology will be present as exhibitors. more
Digital twin in the automobile industry
The revolutionary ‘digital twin’ technology has changed the dynamics of the automotive industry. Right from designing to development of futuristic vehicles in the most efficient and cost effective method is now possible via this technology. more


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Market insight
Three live examples of the digital twin concept
The digital twin technology is not new infact it has been extensively used by a few leading organisations for some time now. Machine Market International offers an insight into some of these firms and also projects the growth of this innovative technology in the near future. more
Basic knowledge
What is warehouse technology? Definitions and application examples
This article provides the most important information on warehouse technology. Get an insight into various disciplines, warehouse types and application areas! more
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